Predatory soil mites

Anyone ever used these. Such as grub grenade… used to treat fungus gnats, thrips pupae, root weevils, springtails, and more. Just wondering if they will do anything funky in the bonsai container environment that will be bad for my trees. I don’t see how but thought I would ask

Are these the same as nematodes? If so, then that’s the latest thing that Ryan has been promoting. If not…well, consider nematodes?

They are not the same thing. The mites eat spider mites and thrips and things. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be okay but sometimes things work different in a bonsai pot

Sounds like you’ll have to be the first penguin

A bit of a necro-post, but it looks like nematodes are on sale at Arbico. I’m going with this one:

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