Pre-formed hook wire technique

During the latest Shohin Live, Ryan applied the Pre-formed hooked wire technique and he said that it is often used and taught at Mirai. Members who were watching commented on it constructively.
Do you guys think it would be a good idea to kindly request from Ryan and the Mirai team to produce a short video on the specific technique - if possible/feasible that is?
Thank you.

Yes @Stavros,
That pre formed hook was cool, but I think the thing to do is to practice for ourselves to learn the technique. After the recent structural and secondary/tertiary wiring videos, I have been looking at my self taught efforts with shame, and I think my wiering has come on by leaps and bounds. For me, wiering is really all about solving problems.


I am happy to say that Ryan was asked to show the technique during the last live Q&A and he was glad to agree to it.

He’s shown it a few times on archived videos…I can’t remember exactly which ones but I know to sure he’s touched on it more than once.