Potting limericks

Hi, all,
I’ve been combating isolation by potting the trees that are due for it. I miss the potting parties that our bonsai club has every spring, and feeling a bit down. To help pass the time repotting, I started coming up with some bad llimericks. Remember, I said BAD. If you feel like it, please add your own.

There once was a man with a mission:
To teach repotting was his ambition.
He shouted with glee,
Troy, please hold the tree
as he poked the bonsai into submission.

There once was an artist named Ryan,
who loved teaching potting and tie-in.
With strength and with ease,
he potted big trees,
then had to go home for a lie-in.

Chopstick in, chopstick out,
is what potting’s about.
Morning till night
air pockets I fight,
then I have a beer and chill out.

Nuff of this stuff!