Post Stream Discussion : Root Grafting

Hey everyone!

What did we all learn, like, dislike, want to know more about, etc?

In this stream, we featured an RMJ that needed a bit of root grafting in order to bring it to its maximum potential.

In this live stream, Ryan discussed the approach and procedural techniques involved with root grafting. He showed us how to prepare the grafting site, attach the prepared stock, and touched on aftercare and the mysterious “Why” surrounding this game-changing technique.

Will follow up tomorrow with images from the edited stream to better illustrate what we covered this week.

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So I think I missed the aftercare. Going into a greenhouse/ sheltered area… or directly into sunshine to accelerate growth? Watched the stream again. Say need to heavy fertilize the graft box and the tree container and push for heavy growth. So I assume full sun and aggressive fertilizing. Junipers can be foliar fertilized, so maybe even hit with liquid to the foliage of both scions and native tree?

:thinking: Not sure I am willing to try on anything more valuable than nursery stock until I get multiple successes.