Post-Stream Discussion : Broadleaf Evergreen

Hey everyone!

What did we all learn, like, dislike, want to know more about, etc?

In this stream, we featured three Broadleaf Evergreen varieties: Silverberry, Gold Cup Oak, and a Coast Live Oak.

In this live stream, Ryan discussed the many action-steps in spring for managing growth on your broadleaf evergreens. He spoke about how to set growth goals for the year and achieve them with pruning, pinching, and fertilization. We also covered how to identify and handle trees in refinement versus development.

I am including images of each tree for your reference/critique.


A lot of valuable information, thanks Ryan. In my country I am doing yamadori of some native species of peremne foliage. This plant species is a Citharexylum ilicifolium, it has a similar foliage. Very good information to design my yamadoris. Thank you.12