Pond Cypress Root Cutting / Repotting

Question about root cutting / repotting related to Pond cypress (bald cypress)

I attempted to repot my pond cypress 2 weeks ago, buds had just started forming. I’ve had the tree for 2 years, when I got it was already in a Mica container, fairly large for the tree size. Last owner had it from field grown so no root work had been done prior. When I got the tree out of the soil, I realized the major roots are all coming from the very bottom of each sub-trunk, WELL below the soil line (5-6" until roots start). The sub-trunks also hideous, they curve out then circle back in towards the middle and are 2-2.5" thick each, point being I can’t run aerial roots or push the tree up without ruining the design.

I’d like to eventually get this into a shallower pot but am unsure of how to proceed here. I realize this tree started its life with a hard chop on top, I’m thinking that was potentially true for the bottom as well. With Cypress, can I attempt trunk scaring to generate root growth? Obv. keeping this part under the soil line? OR Could I potentially cut one of the sub-roots every repot? hoping I don’s have to go this way as it’ll take another 3-5 years.

(note) I’ve marked up the 3rd photo to show approx how far the sub-trunks go below the soil (brown) and where the actual roots originate (green)

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My suggestion is to uncover the sub-trunks up to the point where the real roots start. This is normal for a bald cypress - the sub trunks are considered a feature. Eventually the sub trunks will fill in; I don’t think you want to start cutting the sub-trunks - right now the tree looks fairly balanced and cutting them might make it look lopsided. You have a nice thick trunk which is a plus.

Make sure you repot it in 100% akadama - this species likes staying moist and will be easier to keep hydrated that way. Also, top dressing as demonstrated by Ryan will help quite a bit.

My 2 cents.

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