Pond cypress repot

Is there anyone else here that live in Australia and repots there swamp cypress or pond cypress in 100% akadama if so what is your opinion on it. I have been told not to do it

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I don’t live in Australia but in Southern California. I have both my bald cypress in 100% Akadama (1/16-1/4 or ~2mm-6mm). A few of our hotter spells this summer I was watering them 2x/day and under a shade cloth part of the day. They did well and pushed 3 flushes of growth last year.

Is there a reason behind why people don’t suggest it in your area?

This one started as a stump cut last January

This is a 2yr old seedling

Hope that helps.



Also not in Oz, but I am using 4 akadama, 1 pumice, and 1 lava for mine. On the Shin Lecture Saturday, Ryan said Mirai is starting to look at including some pumice or lava where he would normally use solid akadama due to the fact that akadama quality is decreasing.

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When you say a few hotter spells what temps are you getting. In summer here in oz where i am we can range anywhere from 30 degrees to 45 degrees C.
Which is 86°F to 104°F with anywhere from 60%, 80% humidity. People here say they wouldn’t do it because they think the akadama will turn to mud to quickly

This is mine. Im working towards a flat top. Everyone here does your standard informal upright


Lovely Bald Cypress!! I’m shooting for the flat top on mine too

For me, I have a south facing patio. We average 29-46C (85-115) with averages in the mid 90s (mid 30sC) with average humidity of 20-30% on the good days. Commonly our humidity is 15% or lower. We have Santa Ana wind events where our humidity will be in the single digits.

Based on the growth habits and vigor of these trees, I will bet I’ll be repotting every couple years, next time, depending on how the Akadama holds up, I’ll probably add pumice to help retain a little water too.