Please critique my first shari


Hi Michael, welcome to the Mirai community. It’s a font of freely given information, I love it!
Great job with the jins and shari looks very natural. Just one small point (but not a criticism) you may find some of the really thin parts of the shari healing, over otherwise it’s good. Once it’s weathered in it’ll look soooooo great!

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Good. Is that a Japanese larch?
Make a mental note to post photos NEXT fall.
I was timid when doing my J. larch shari. Might revisit it…

Looks great!

One point to crit: the two jins on the lower trunk appear too similar for my taste. Both in length and overall size/shape. If it were mine, I would be reducing the length of the lowest jin by 1/3-1/2. I would also be taking my dremel to the center of it and making an interesting hole through it. Right now my eye goes to it but there’s not much visual interest to it so I move on and think “why’s that there?”. Just my personal take, hope it helps.


Yeah it’s hemlock I collected 4 years ago.
Year 1/2 I let it recover.
Year 3 repot then primary branch bend
Year 4 spring secondary and primary style then shari and jin mid summer.

Next year I’ll let pads fill out
Year after repot into nice unglazed smaller pot.

The low left jin definitely needs a bit of refining, I’ll shorten it and try a hollow or hole…
Thanks folks