Please can you tell me what type of prunus

I’ve just purchased this tree, I know it’s a prunus with a white flower.

Please can you tell me what it is.


It’s hard to identify something from just a picture of the whole tree. Take pictures of individual leaves so you can see their shape, veination, and serration patterns etc. and take a photo of the flowers if you can. It’s specific little details that will help us/you identify this tree.

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Hello Mike,
thank you for advice.

Kind regards

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Albie did you find out what prunus this is?

Prunus mume aka ume would be my guess :slight_smile:

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correct my friend


I’m jealous. Nice tree.
Looked locally for an ume. Finally found one 3 years ago. A vole ate it two winters ago… Need a cat…

thank you.
We dont get voles but if a vole ate my prunus i think i would get a cat too.

i styled it this spring.


It flowered, what did the fruit look like?
I tried an enclosed poly tunnel for the first time two winters ago… The vole got in and made himself at home. Ate a lot of decideous trees. I stomped him into vole heaven… I have to use mice bait in all of my winter storeage as it is…
If i ever do that again, I intend to install a shock probe and turn it in every once in awhile…:tired_face:

Life is precious but if anyone or anything hurts my trees it is an instant death sentence.

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I just got my first Prunus! I was told it was a “chickasaw” or Prunus angustifolia. Is that correct? It seems to have been munched on by aphids (so I got a cheep price for what the tree has to offer). It came to me with no container… hearing they are sensitive to root work, I slip pot it with all I had for the size (jumbo tomato pot from my wife’s garden). I’m hoping to let it heal/grow before transitioning into a proper bonsai pot. Any suggestions on care for prunus, repotting soil medium, handling of roots, etc. from my fellow Mirai experts?

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I’m not sure that this is 100% right but i would like to tell you what i have done.
It’s in 100% akadema, i fertilize with bio gold. i pinch shoots in the spring as they extend and i am going to give it 1 last prune at the end of June and i think they like morning sun.
good luck

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