Pinus Sylvestris Trunk Chop

I just got a Pinus Sylvestris piece of nursery stock that is very healthy. However, it will need to be trunk chopped. After scouring many different forums and discussions, it seems there are differing opinions on when a pinus Sylvestris should be trunk chopped. I live in zone 6a. Can anyone help me with this?

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Hi @Gatekeeper,
I would be asking myself when would a Pine be most likely to revive heavy damage in its natural environment? In the winter from snow loading, and in the summer from storms hitting the large photosynthesis surfaces, perhaps?
Other key is vigor, and you say it’s strong. If in doubt, just cut a bit.
(Reaches for the chain saw…)


Where are you planning to chop it? What is your ultimate goal stylistically? Are you leaving enough needles to give the rest of the tree the hormones it needs? Scots are a slower growing single flush pine, so you shouldn’t have the same aggressive approach as you would with a JBP, JRP, or Pitch Pine. Same rules as JWP. Maybe a little easier.

Scotts pine respond very well to heavy pruning if they are strong and healthy. Timing is important. I have found late july in the uk a very good time. The tree is in energy positive and about to go into dormancy. If you wait till later you still get good response but not so vigerous. The buds also get the full summer to develope, so in the following spring there is much more growth. It all depends on what you want to acheive.