Pinus canariensis advice and help

Hello to all tree lovers and huggers! This is my first post here on the forum and am hoping I can get some good quality info and advice.

So I have recently acquired a canary island pine that was repotted recently(a month or so ago) before I had gotten it. I’m located in zone 6 and the trees hardiness is 9-11 roughly speaking. Being in the middle of winter with temps dipping below freezing more often than not and the tree being sub tropical I’ve been keeping it indoors near enough to a window for some natural sunlight but mainly relying on several grow lights. (Also the soil seems to have a rather hefty amount of finer sandy particles and substrate material)

So here are my thoughts, concerns and questions

  1. I’ve been considering building a small heat bed and grow box combo, for the time being just placing the existing planter pot in the grow box surrounded with pumice over a heat mat to help promote root growth

  2. I’m unsure if the soil mix used in the repot before I had acquired it was sufficient for oxygen exchange, being much finer particles

  3. any advice on keeping sub tropical pines indoors for winter?

To sum it up I’m just looking for advice on specific products in regards to the heat mat and thermostat control, I’m worried on reliability and safety for those. And I’m curious on everyone’s general thoughts, opinions and advice. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Mirai community, sorry I don’t have any answers for you, but thought I’d give you a bump up :slight_smile:

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No experience with the species, but I would target temperatures close to the winter temperatures in their native environment. The heat bed for a newly repotted tree is a good idea. I found that trees on the heat bed tended to dry fairly quickly.

Appreciate the response! So far that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s pushing a little new growth. I’m waiting on the heat bed until I can monitor it a bit closer

Hahaha thanks! I appreciate the warm the welcome