Picea abies 'Nidiformis,'

I finally redid the spruce I use as my profile picture! I was tired of the flatness of the birdnest spruce and wanted it to be a mountain tree, so I took it to work on with Todd Schlafer. I think it is on the way!100_1714 so I and Todd had to slog through a snowstorm to get to the rural location of the workshop.100_2278 And after some barter of a bamboo round for some rebar… the design is close to what I wanted.100_2286 I like the color of the carbon steel, it fits in well with our design. :grin:
I need to work to do fine wiring to define the pads, still a work in progress…

Thanks Todd!! Itinerate bonsai man…:minibus:


Nice! Looking better already, definitely on it’s way! I’ve got a birdsnest spruce too that I plan on styling as a twin trunk. It’s not the healthiest looking tree right now, I got it on sale from the nursery for cheap because it looked kind of sad. But I think he’ll pull through.

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Looking good, well on its way to be an outstanding spruce.

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I really like the result. It reminds me of one of my San Jose Junipers styled last summer - will post a picture later.

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Restyled a san jose last summer, but the whole tree turned brown and is dead this summer. Do not know what was done wrong. Maybe done the wrong time of the year.
I learn from my mistakes, so I may be very smart eventually.

:thinking: :skull::skull::skull:

summer time should not be a problem for the San Jose Juniper, maybe a borer?

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I should do an autopsy but have been pretty busy. On my to do list………

Quite a difference witht he restyling. Love what you did to it. How’s it looking now? any updates?

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Took the rebar and guy wires off this week. The cushion on one of the guy wires had shifted without my recognizing it so have a wire scar that should be repairable. The spring growth was good and the one branch that was cracked has foliage that is discolored, so may not survive the summer. The apex and branches that were moved with rebar and guy wires held their position very well! Ryan mentioned in the live stream last night the more acute a bend the quicker the wood heals to hold that bend. It had been 15 months since the structural change and I am pleased with the results so far. Letting it grow and pruning out any structural problems.