Pergola Covering for Trees (response to Q&A)

Continuing the discussion from Forum Q+A, Week of 4/13/20:

@imager993 I saw your Q&A question and wanted to share what has worked for me. Unfortunately I could only turn my reply into a public post, not a private message.

I have roofing over my trees to protect from potential softball sized hail that happens in Colorado. I might suggest shade cloth over a trellis or pergola of sorts. If you secure the shade cloth with a 1x1 over top with screws it should rebound oranges. The first two pics are my pergola, the 2nd two are what home depot does here. Let me know if you have questions.


Here’s a few more photos. I only have shade cloth on the right side of the bench.


I grow wisteria on my pergola. It gets a little two shady at times, but the smell is intoxicating when it blooms. It grows like a weed here in the Spokane which is further north and colder than its typical range. I am sure it would not protect from softball sized hail, but it does a nice job slowing down the smaller stiff we get.


Hello Eric,
your structure however looks like you see a risk of basketball sized hail …
Very nice build!


We get 70+mph wind gusts every winter here so I told my carpenter everything had to be rock solid. And it sure as hell is.


Love the ambience when in bloom! I’ve had a Japanese wisteria for 20 years that has only produced 6 blooms in Portland. Bummer!

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