Shade protection in the summer

Well, the latest heat wave started this Monday and caught me a little off guard. I was able to purchase a canopy and get it over my deciduous trees, but I was a little late in ordering one for the conifers. A small white pine got very toasted yesterday and I’m not sure it will recover, and a JBP had some needles turn tan today. These got moved into the deciduous tent.

My second canopy arrived today and we will put it up tomorrow. So far I am very pleased with these canopies, made by Everbright. They are 10’ x 10’ and claim to reduce the sun by 50%. Working under them is very pleasant. They will need some sandbag tie-downs, but one thing at a time.

I had been mulling over how to protect the trees this summer for some time earlier this year, and was considering putting in wood posts with a concrete foundation, sail shades and automatic awnings, but this seems like a good semi-permanent solution. If you already have shade protection, great, but thought that others might like to know.

  • Maryann
    [repost from Apex thread]

I just put up a shade tarp from Harbor Freight under my trellis since a hard freeze in January killed 4 of the 7 wisteria that covered it. I have decided to encourage the remaining 3, but use shade cloth instead for the rest of the trellis. I will put up another 8 x 16 foot section over the area where I have the seedlings and similar on Friday. We are expecting to go over 100F early next week.

Shade is awesome and needed. I get most of mine from large Maples on the property.

I will throw out that silica helps plants to tolerate heat and get less sunburn, and also repair and rebuild damage, at least based on the information I have received from Eden. I am using silica every week and we have had a very hot spring in the NE and it does seem to help.

Not a replacement for proper shade, but another tool for summer use, that could be worth looking into.