Pear Rust at new house... How do I protect my Junipers?

So here’s the situation:

My wife and I just closed on a house this week and are super excited. There are a couple of apple trees and a pear tree in the back yard. Upon closer inspection, almost ALL of the leaves on the pear tree are showing pear rust (which looks quite nasty, let me tell you).

I was planning on moving all of my trees to the new house this weekend, but REALLY don’t want the rust to affect any of my junipers that I’ve just put some serious money (for me) and time into.

Any advice?

I would like to keep the pear tree (due to privacy), but would consider cutting it down and planting a new tree as well.
Is it enough to simply cut off all of the branches with rust?

Anything is appreciated!

You’ve got to figure out the life-cycles of the pear rust and spray fungicide at the appropriate times to stop transmission. There’s lots of literature available online to help you nail this down and select the right fungicide to use. Here’s an article I found on the subject:

Much appreciated! Definitely will be making sure I spray the correct fungicide at the proper time.