Cross Species Contamination


Question for those who do bonsai & other gardening. Are there plant species that you keep away from your trees because of fungus/pest concerns? Thinking about setting up a little greenhouse next year, and would probably also want to use it to get a head start germinating seeds for spring vegetable garden etc.

This is a great question, I’d be curious to know people’s opinions too. I have a couple raised beds and fruit trees around the area I plan to use. Interested to hear.

The major one I know of is cedar-apple rust. One stage is on apples and related species while the other is on junipers. From a bonsai perspective it is normally an issue of lack of control on the apples in the neighborhood.

Nothing that I’ve found dangerous yet. We got a rare cold snap last night and my grow area currently has all my tropicals and recently repotted elms from the bonsai side mixed with everything from tomato seedlings to monstera, cactus, and succulents.

Cedar apple rust is good to be aware of, so don’t mix those species. I havent found anything to be concerned about with garden vegetables or similar.

Just a heads up. On this same contamination bent…
Since you are early in this endeavor, make it a HABIT now to CLEAN your tools between trees. Not just whenever they get ugley. Dip or lightly spray your scissors and cutting tools in isopropyl alcohol. Wipe and dry. Keep a little light oil handy, too.
Especially for roots cutting. This helps to NOT spread fungi and bacteria around! Also helps keep the sap off!
Washing hands between trees is a good idea, if you think you have a fungal problem…
If / when you see / recognize fungus or odd things happening in the roots, bark, or leaves, separate the tree from the herd. Treating one tree is easy; losing one is easier that many…
When dead, dont chuck em into your compost pile…, and don’t reuse contaminated soil.
Just uncommon sense habits…
Bonsai On!

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