Old bonsai-pictures for inspiration

Where can I find pictures (on the internet)of bonsai from, for example, the thirties, fifties, sixties? To enhance inspiration for design.

I have found a lot of pictures on ‘YouTube’ believe or not. There are a lot of how to but just as many showing different trees and their forms. Also Bonsai Today puts out some books with lots of pictures showing different designs. I picked up the one for Pines and Junipers. Good Luck!

Kevin willson is in my humble opinion one of the best bonsai artists in Britain. He can carve anything, as we all know. But he also knows how to style a tree.

English elm purchased from Graham Potter

Carved and styled by Kevin Willson

Wired by me (I know not the best, but I’m learning)

I also want to say that Kevin and his wife really do make you feel welcome, he is a old school but a genuinely nice bloke.



We’re trying to get Kevin to come do a stream with us! Graham too. Hopefully this year.


You know he is known as the alcohol Master and get plenty of Fags and he will come.

Only joking

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Amazing artist, and have contributed so much to my learning!

Thank You all,
What I ment were - old pictures of the the way the styrde bonsai in for example 1930, 1940 and so on…
I guess they had a different approach.

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Search the web for “1930s bonsai”. There are plenty of Pinterest galleries with very old photos.