Ok Mr Hagedorn.... If we can't say Amen, say OUCH!

I read this:

and I’m feeling convicted. I know he’s right. Time to do some housecleaning.
My name is Sunnie… and I’m an addict


But also

(As I’ve told many students though, having 3 trees is nearly as bad, as the instinct is to fiddle with them to death.)

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oh i wouldn’t whittle it down THAT much :smiley:

If I’m not killing them with neglect, I don’t have enough.


Boy it’s hard to thin the herd… choosing who to give up on, not easy.

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I just had to move my very modest collection of about 50 trees from one side of the house to the other, get them on new benches and then prepare the area for winter storage. For the first time I thought to myself that I may have just about enough trees! Outside of winter there is always one that needs a little attention.