Oak tree bonsai hopeful

Hello, I’m in San Diego and have a few acres of oak trees. Not sure what exact kinds, whatever grows naturally here. How well do oak respond to collecting to turn into bonsai and what time of year is most appropriate? Thanks

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Are they deciduous or evergreen oaks?

I believe they’re evergreen but I’ve only owned this property for a couple months so I haven’t had time to observe year round

If the leaves are waxy and thick it’s probably an evergreen. Either a coast live oak or an interior live oak depending on how far away from the coast you are in San Diego.

From what I’ve read, the evergreen oaks are easier to collect than the deciduous oaks, which generally have a very large and deep taproot.

Following this thread because I also live in San Diego and like oak trees. I’m interested to see what else is said here.

Oak trees can definitely be trained for Bonsai. Here are a few of mine, these are Laurel Oaks, Florida.