Oak progression

I acquired this Oak in 2016 as field grown stock shortly after it was dug by Maruyama in Sacremento Ca. Being from the Sierra foothills I’ve grown up around oaks and have always been amazed/inspired by the branch structure and forms they take on in nature so I set out to design my own.

2016: The trunk had nice movement and primary branches that were stump cut with just the beginnings of secondary branches.

2017: Secondary branching began to fill in and ratify. The tree was fed moderately, wired and pruned/pinched throughout the season.

2018: I repotted the oak into a handmade pot from American bonsai (unsure of potter). The oak has ramified greatly in the last yr. I’m pleased with how the tree has progressed and am looking to show it next spring for the first time.

I tried the characteristics of what makes the big oaks in the foothills so interesting. Let me know you thoughts. Apologize ahead of time for the picture quality, all photos I have of my trees are from an iPhone.