Nuances of Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana)

I thought I’ve heard Ryan mention that Mountain Hemlocks have a short window for repotting. Is this a shorter window than other species, or just right as the buds start to swell. I have a collected tree that is ball and burlap inside a nursery container. I’ve had it since the end of summer/early fall last year, and I believe it’s looking healthy and robust enough to move into a bonsai container this spring. Should I be extra conservative in the root reduction, or gradually reduce the container size over multiple repottings? Or do they generally bounce back strongly? I’ve talked to people that said they lost a few because they are fairly delicate to repot. Is this true, or maybe just due to a lack of care or technique. I haven’t worked with Hemlock before, but I’m very excited, and want to gain as much species-specific knowledge as I can before I work on this tree. I’d love to hear peoples experiences and any nuances they’ve discovered.

I think Ryan explains this during the last q&a when I asked him about a western hemlock I have. 29:13.
Here is my 2 western hemlocks, I’m waiting for the tempuratures to rise before the repot when the buds start to swell as Ryan explains.


Oh, man, I missed the last Q&A 'cause of work. @Joe_Johanesen, thanks for letting me know about it, I’ll definitely watch it in the archive. BTW, I saw your tree in the Western Hemlock thread. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Looks like it’s got TONS of potential. Keep us updated with pics.