Norfolk island pine

I know I get trees at the wrong time of the year, but this one was going to get cut down if I didn’t do something quickly. I built the box for it and got the dirt ready, there was a lot of fine roots near the back, took 80%of the old dirt out,the tree has been out of the dirt for 2 days but was protected from drying out, it was 18ft ,trunk choped 13 ft,it was to heavy to lift ,so I cut 5 ft off, weight 300 lb, the root ball is 16in x 16 in x16 in, the box is 26 x 26 x 16 I have 100 holes 1/4" drilled on the bottom, do I need to drill holes on the sides of the box for more oxygen, the dirt is 1/4" pumice 1/8"lava no Akadama, cuz I ran out so I put a warrior mixture take its place but I think I added to much, I have 3 3/16 coated cable holding the tree up, do yall think it will recover or die,the goal is to get it to back bud interview lower area, total length goal is 5 ft any advice deeply needed thank you.


You’re a goddamned madman!!! :joy:

No advice or guidance from me, just a look of scared aww at that monstrosity!

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You think it will survive lol

I suspect Warrior Mix is some kind of organic fines? You are going to want that absorptive capacity to keep the roots moist. I think keeping it hydrated will be the limiting factor until the roots develop.

Yes the warrior mix is a substitute for the akadama cuz I ran out, I watered it once an its still moist , it has 100 holes at the bottom, do I need to drill holes in the sides for better balance

From their website…

Warrior Mix - Contains an organic blend of mycorrhizal fungi (a powerful root stimulator), sphagnum peat moss, horticultural perlite, earthworm castings , granite dust, humic acid and oyster shell (for pH adjustment).

So…a mix of organic and mineral components and micro-nutrients. Hopefully peat moss and earthworm castings predominate over oyster shells, perlite and granite dust which, unless all super fine would not hold much water at all.

Biggest thing is checking the soil with your finger to see how damp it remains after draining and before next watering. Damp but not saturated before next watering (like 12 or 24 hours after last watering) seems like the ticket.

BTW - I think that seems like it is a dynamite mix for this purpose. Fresh Akadama probably wouldn’t retain enough water for this. The nutrient load seems like it wouldn’t be too much for a transplanted tree to settle into either.

Thank you so much for the information, do I need to drill holes for more aeration, I can’t get on the forum until I pay my bill , im going to pay it tonight or tomorrow thank you for your help

I wouldn’t think that would be necessary. Check to see if your watering results in wet conditions and then water less. If that doesn’t work, drill baby drill.

Thank you ill keep you updated.