New tree in corpus christi texas

I just bought a frasure fur sappling online.1 mounth ago its in the 1 1 1 mix 10 inch tall in corpus christi texas growing beautifuly. No problems. Needles still on the trunk, how do i handle it as far as bending the trunk it has lower branches, people keep telling me that it wont grow in south texas.if not how can i create a micro climaste i havent touched the tree ,just repot. I will post some pics later today

You’re probably dealing with too much heat for the tree. Shade cloth, afternoon sun protection, and enough water will be mainly what you’re aiming for.

The problem you might run into is not having enough of a cold season for it, but I’m not 100% sure on that or the dormancy requirements for Fraiser Fir.

Wait to bend it if you have repotted it until it grows out a bit, maybe midsummer-ish time.

This is a pic of the fur

2 year old frasure fur sappling