New aquasion star jasmin vine

I aquired this jasmin from my moms house ,the way it was tangled up looked like the hole thing was alive .only 1/8th section is still liveing the main trunk is completly roted. I put the hole thing in a training pot what do i do with the main trunk leave iit intacked and let it recover from repot. Or take the dead trunk out. I dont know if i can jin it. the live part is 10 feet long. its in 1 1 1 mix. Here some pics.

the vine is about 20 25 years old.

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How long in the container? What soil is it in?

Keep it healthy. Grow it strong to have good roots and positive health.
Do you know the botanical name?
Great to keep it in the family!

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In 1/16 -1/8 ackadama,pumice,valcanic rock just put the vine in this training pot yesturday ,its going in garage with led lights its hoing freez in the 30s on sat.l dont kowe the full name

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Star Jasmine - Trachelospermum jasminoides

Good luck my man.