New Alberta spruce project

Thought I would share one of my little projects. These Alberta spruce have not yet been styled as I am waiting for them to let me know that ready. Each tree represents one of my three children :blush:


I also like the idea of having a forest representing your family. I have five elms ready to be replanted next spring to create a forest composition where each tree represents on person in my family, with two bigger trees being the parents and the three smaller trees being our children. A few days ago when I told my son (6 years old) about the idea and he immediately said he wanted to be represented by the biggest tree, so there might be some discussion of who is represented by which tree. Though he will probably out grow both us parents so maybe I just let him pick the tallest tree. :smiley:
I’m guessing our cat also has to be in the planting somehow, but maybe he’ll be represented as a rock or something :slight_smile:

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