New acquisition

There is some property here at a mall complex here in corpus christi that has 2 7ft junipers in the median, there’s a logans restaurant that is closed permanently on one side and a restaurant that is open on the other side, the trees are big and old and healthy but the property is over run with weeds ,who can I talk too , to acquire these trees the city or the property owner

and if I acquire when could I be able to dig them up. Spring or fall.

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With such large trees you’d be better undercutting in may then leaving them for a year to lift. That way you get roots closer to the trunk.
You can (if you climate allows it) lift in September but put straight back in the ground at your chosen location. The ground should have enough residual warmth to last until spring. Remember not to prune the tree as junipers get their energy from the foliage and as such will root far quicker.
It if it was me I would find out who owns them and take a few really chunky air layers first. Them when more manageable lift them.

Finding permission would be the first step here. My guess if it’s part of a mall complex, they are the ones that own it. You’ll probably have to ask them. In my experience, it’ll be difficult to get permission from them, but you never know! Maybe they are planning on remodeling that section soon.


It is doable, in early spring. Hope you have a forklift. That is a pickup bed sized rootball…

I agree with @nmhansen I would ask the property owner. The city won’t help you.

Having a hard time contacting the owners of the property may half to call the city