Mountain Hemlock sick

Greetings all,
I have a Yamadori Mountain Hemlock that was harvested in Oct 2022.
The root system seemed to come up fairly well with a decent ball of native soil still intact on the base. The tree was placed in pure pumice and a layer of peat moss was laid over the top of Preformatted textthe pumice. The tree was then wired and left alone with no fertilizer until March when we applied a moderate amount of organic fert to tree.
The tree is showing signs of yellowing and has had a couple of branches that lost all needles.
Im very concerned and dont have any ideas on what to do if anything. My plan was to not touch the tree until spring of 2023 but now Im concerned it need attention.


I might be that you wired it right after collection.
When wiring is done you are asking the tree to allocate resources it needs to grow new roots.

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You said you collected it in Oct 2022 - did you mean Oct 2021? If it was just collected last fall you shouldn’t be doing anything to it until 2024. You should not have wired it or fertilized it at this stage. It sounds like a root issue (lack of roots) if it’s losing needles. There isn’t much you can do now but keep it watered, but not too wet. I would remove any fertilizer from the soil surface. Keep in partial shade and out of the wind and hope for the best.