Mounding vs elongating junipers

I have two species of junipers that are different --I can’t tell (identify them) Help As to whether their are a molding species or elongating juniper.

  1. I was given a juniper Holly wood . Thou it does not act or show characteristics as one. I don’t think its a hollywood b/c it does not show characteristics of vertical height its more a horizontal growth. It has little or mangy growth pattern – Had it for 2 years now and its starting to show new growth. Its not mounting and its not lateral growing either I don’t know how to go forward.

  2. I also bought a Juniper ‘chinesis pfitzeriana’ . It’s blue -green incisor I did not unstained pruning of junipers / or then to prune so for the last 2 years it recovering. It shows signs of recovery as the differs branches are showing molded tuffs and now are elongating. Can this be a mounding species ?

I have had a pfitzeriana raft for 20 years. All the landscape plants and my raft are elongating. The description on Wikipedia says only a shrub, not a tree… but I find the trunks of collected landscape phitzers having nice twisty lines that work well as either a forest… or an individual informal… or slant… or semi cascade. Good luck with your junipers.
Try to find a mature example of the plant, and it will inform you of how it likes to grow! :nerd_face: