Moss on plywood

Hello, I recently watched this movie in the library called Environmental Mossing

Ryan mentions that we can grow moss on an inclined piece of plywood. Has anyone more insight about this method ? We we need to add a substrate, or do we simply lay the collected moss on top of the inclined plywood ? I want t try this method.


I understood plywood with outdoor carpeting— planted with shredded moss and sphagnum was recommended. Kept at an incline with morning sun and water.

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Only if you need a LOT of moss…
The short nap carpet is the trick. Nails or staples… to any slanting board. Low angle helps keep it all together.
If you just use a short plywood half sheet, the moss / moisture will degrade the wood real fast. The moss sheet wont seperat from the wood easily. You get wood fibers when lifting from the sheet. … did this…
I also sift some fine leftover bonsai soil mixed with moss spores onto the carpet. The fine leftovers from the bonsai surface treatment works real well too! I try to not waste anything!
Different species of moss grow with different esthetics. Choose carefully!
Start late fall or early in the sping when it’s cooler and wet! If you keep North facing, it mostly in shade, the moss grows shorter and finer…
Very fine mist for watering. Maybe spray with dilute liquid Organic fertilizer; it looks like it works for me.
Patience, it takes a while.
2 x 3 shallow trays in the shade, with several inches of potting soil works well, too.
Enjoy! Bonsai On!