Collecting vs Cultivating Moss

I’m fortunate living in the greater Seattle area that moss grows on everything - and I do mean everything and everywhere (below picture is of a random street curb).

I’ve found that the moss growing on cement works the best (great color and already adapted to growing on inorganics), but I do get some really odd looks from people who see me scraping moss off street curbs, or from under bleachers at the park. :slight_smile:

The only problem is that I use so much moss, I have to keep finding new spots (I never take all the moss from an areas in the hopes that it will grow back more quickly).

I’ve thought about cultivating my own moss, and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience and can provide recommendations, tips, tricks, etc. to maximize moss cultivation.


I think Ryan mentioned that you can staple some carpet to some plywood and sprinkle your collected moss on there to cultivate your own. Just keep it watered and it should continue to grow. I’ve heard people in Portland having success with that method. I’ve also seen people growing it in Anderson Flats. Just put it right on, and keep it watered. It should grown and expand with the right conditions. I think the advantage of the carpet is that it will retain some moisture.

I’ve cultivated some moss (not enough) in old grow boxes filled with just pumice.


I recommend checking out this video and try adapting the method to the use for bonsai (by e.g. experimenting with different substrates).


Thanks. I’ll have to give it a try.

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