Growing Moss in Japan

I don’t see any sign that this video has been posted previously:


Yup! Great post! Saw this years ago!
Japan, especially the southern part, grew moss real well.
The video doesn’t do it justice. I was there. Crazy cool green meditation spots! Japanology has several bonsai oriented posts too.
There are a few spots that do this in USA, Portland comes to mind.:wink: The rainforest North of Seattle… All of Louisiana…
I recently read a book on a California lady landscaper— getting a apprenticeship with a Japanese landscape company!
Miserable position… HOWEVER she DID give great insite into the work. Newaki trimming and moss propigation. That moss on a rock (in a garden) doesn’t happen naturally very fast! When you, inadvertantly!, pull it off… however, you have to walk over it to get to the garden trees to trim… She almost got fired for scuffing off the moss! She (eventually!) DID get to work in the Imperial gardens…!
The environment here, inland Pacific NW USA, is mostly high mountain desert. I strugle to keep moss alive!
Enjoy! Bonsai On!


Yes - I read that as well.

“Cutting back : my apprenticeship in the gardens of Kyoto”
by Leslie Buck

It sounds like Japan has no labour laws - every apprenticeship sounds like a very steep learning curve - but I guess language makes a difference.

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