: moss graffiti. keto and bonsai:

Have you heard about moss graffiti?

It is an urban artisitic expression that mixes the vegetable with street art.

Okay. And if on keto in the bonsai plantations on rock we use this “technique” ??

This is the moss “painting” recipe:

One or two lumps of moss (around a small handful)
2 cups of buttermilk
You can substitute it with plain yogurt or non-flavored vegan yogurt
2 cups of water
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
Corn syrup (optional)

I am going to try it on a yamadori that is growing on a rock.

The yamadori has not yet been formed. Soon the pictures of my project to see if it works.moos-graffiti-stein-800x600moos-graffiti-zutaten-800x6283graffiti-ecologico


interesting, would be cool if you try to film it or take several pictures to document it.


@BONSAIANDINO I am LYKEN this idea! Way to think outside the box! Checking out youtube.



I’m going to document it! I will also apply on some rocks that I have in the garden to improve its wild effect.

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your picture of the ingredients shows a packet of fresh yeast ?? also needed?

how did the experiment work out?