Mediterranean Species Repots

I started learning about bonsai almost 30 yrs ago. But, with a new baby, my 3rd, and a new job, guess which one slipped away? I only practiced for about 5 yrs, but I learned a few things.

I started back about a year ago, and I thought I knew some of what I was doing… I was wrong! I found Mirai about 9 months ago. I have learned more in the last 9 months, than all 5 yrs I previously practiced. And, these 9 months have been a lot more fun!

I consider myself a “Beginner”, so here is my question. With Mediterranean Species, I know we do most of the foliar work around that early to mid winter time. Does that include repotting? I have a Coastal Redwood that Ryan helped me with in early January, but I forgot to ask him when to repot. Rookie mistake!

I also have a Harland Boxwood (Buxus harlandi) that needs repotting. Am I too late to repot this year, or do I still have time for these trees?

Thanks everyone!
The Rookie

That’s a good question for Ryan, since his technique on these is evolving, but in the Elongating Species courses, we re-potted them in spring, same as the other species.

I repot my redwoods when I see the buds swelling, I keep them at 55 degrees in a 3 seasons room packed with plants and trees, starting in March/April, the buds will start pushing. I leave it in the 3 seasons room until nighttime temps are above 50.

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Sorry for digging out this old topic but do you guys think it is still possible to prune and style a boxwood (buxus harlandi) right now or is it already too far into spring?

It’s my first boxwood and i am not really sure because it’s already starting to grow again.