When to Repot Redwood Trees for Bonsai Development?

When’s a good time to repot Redwood trees? I’m in the Bay Area, CA.

My tree is in a nursery container and it will be the first repot.

Early spring is a good time, as the temps aren’t too hot to stress it. Remember it is a thirsty species so more akadama would be best.

I believe some growers in your area are starting to repot now, particularly if you can provide some protection from the occasional frost.

Thank you. I was considering repotting late January.

Thank you for the feedback.

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I am also in the Bay Area, and I start my redwoods over the next couple weeks and try not to go past mid February. Once things start to elongate it’s too late in my experience.

Awesome! I’m in San Mateo, we don’t get as cold as other areas. Thank you!

It just goes to show the many different climates bonsai practitioners work in. Apart from larch in mid February (if it’s mild) I won’t be touching the majority until mid March. Then it’s usually a big panic as they all come together.

Agreed. I feel like warm climates are a mixed bag. It seems to be a longer more forgiving season in general, but it is also more confusing and less consistent. I spend most of winter wondering if the buds that are swelling are really about to extend as its 70+ degrees but forecast to freeze the following week >.<


My crab apple is confused for the very same reason. I noticed that a bud had popped and pushed new leaves. I was like “Welp, those will be goners soon.” :weary:

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I just moved my tropicals back out, am starting pine repotting, and praying to the bonsai gods that there will be no Freezing February shenanigans this year. :crossed_fingers:


And I thought I barely had winters lol. Idk about Texas, but we always start to warm up here around mid-March. There’s always that one last cold front that comes in just before Easter though. I have 22 plants to pot up this year, so I have no choice but to start in March and just shelter from that cold front as necessary.

Then there is always the micro climate within your area and even in your garden to deal with.My garden is quite sheltered and if the average temp is 8 - 10 C, it is usually up to 4 C higher in my garden. Good and bad. Because of a fence when we have a frost only half will get some sun and thaw out. Crazy.

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Thanks to living on the coast I have lots of wind and sun. I end up with three, or four depending on how you look at it, nano climates within my micro climate. :weary:

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At least you dont have to worry about overwintering pests surviving that kind of weather right? :sweat_smile:

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I repotted my two giant sequoias a week and a half ago. I live in Victoria, BC zone 9A. They were in large nursery containers and 8 years old. I augured out loads of hummic soil and cut down the depth. Threw in pure pumice in smaller pots. There wasnt really much root removed. They are looking great and happy. I did it rather early this year as its been a crazy mild winter and Ryan said these guys break winter dormancy with the pre spring rains. We are past freezing temps and the tree/rootball is well established

That’s a nope for me :laughing:

I’m also in Victoria and wish I shared your confidence that the freezes have passed us by this year. I always seem to get caught by a later one.

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FINALLY some one else in vic!!!
Lets collab some time :slight_smile:
If a little freeze comes our way I can always move the trees close to the house :wink: