Looking for help Hinoki cypress "little john"

Hello my name is Nick I’m fairly new to this. I have been on miria live for about 2 months now. I work nights so it’s hard to make it to the Q&As. I have watch about 75% of all the videos on here and they are very helpful in so many ways. I have also watch the hinoki stream about 4times now. This is my first tree and I am looking for any advice with design.

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Nice piece of material.

First thing to do is to remove some of the top soil to find the nebari. It looks like you’ve already done that, to some extent. Then try to find the best line. I kinda like the first or third pictures, though the second one is pretty good too.

The next decision is to clean up that first junction right above the lowest branch. You should reduce it to just one branch there. You could do either way, but I sort of like the upper one and making a second trunk out of it. But it creates a little bit of a U shape between the trunks, you may not like that. Good luck!

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Thank you some much for your advice. When I got the tree the soil was all the way up to that first junction. So i didn’t want to take much more off. Since I had already removed some much foliage. I live in Oklahoma and the temperature this week has been high 90s with a heat index of 109. I like the first picture for the front and plan on removing some move branches from that junction. Because I don’t want to increase the swelling there.

How’s your tree looking almost a year later?

Nice material! If you take the top off like this, look how compact it becomes and you get something you can really work with.

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