Hinoki Cypress Nursery Stock

I found this Hinoki Cypress at a nursery near me. When I got it home I cleaned and trimmed out unwanted and dead branches, wired structurally and let it grow. Repotted in the spring with native soil and pumice. I feel its on its way to being a great looking tree, great nebari, bark, trunk, and foliage.
I have some ideas of where I am going, but any input, other eyes would be great.


Nice find. There is some good, tight in foliage to work with there. It looks like you have some inverse taper to deal with. Have you though about how you want to address that?

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Sorry about the late response and thank you for yours. The inverse taper will be disguised/hidden by placing one of the nearby foliage pads in front of it.

Great photos love those macro shots! Looks like a big tree😁

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This is a beautiful find!

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