Live Oak Air Layer

Started this air layer approximately 45 days ago. When should I open her up and check for roots?

Can you see through that plastic at all? Part of the idea behind using clear plastic for air layers is that you can see through it so that you can see when the plastic has filled with roots, without having to open it up and potentially disturb the roots too early on.

I used dark because if any light gets to the interior, I may get leaves instead of roots.

As Mike said you’ll want to give it ample time for roots to develop.
It looks like the wrap of moss might be a little loose. I use clear painter’s plastic to start the wrap just as you have done. Then once the moss is packed inside I go over the painter’s plastic with a roll of 4” wide plastic wrap on a roll. This allows me to get tight contact of the moss to the air layer. It will also help to keep the moss from drying out.
At 45 days I expect you may have some small roots just starting to push their way out.
My guess is that you need to let the roots develop until this winter.

Its been in 80-90’s here in Florida. I check it periodically and when it’s close to drying out I inject it with water.

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Keep us updated on how this goes! I’m determined to work on live oaks as bonsai even if it “can’t be done!” We’ve got gorgeous live oaks here in Jackson.

Will do, I just air layered a Magnolia as well.

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Is there any “advanced discussion” info / literature
about OAK AIRLAYERING out there?
I have a landscape corkbark ? oak that I would love to have several trees from.
I’m zero for (several !) other species. I’ve had success with rooting cuttings___ have not tried oak.