Liquidambar disease?

I was removing withered leaves from my Liquidambar orientalis and noticed these ridges appearing on some of the twigs. It’s a nursery tree about 2-3 years old. This is my first liquidambar so not sure if this is normal growth for the species or some kind of a fungal disease problem. Looks similar to Euonymus ’Burning Bush’. Anyone familiar with this? If it is a fungal disease any recommendations for treatment?

Perfectly normal. Some Sweetgum has corky bark similar to a Winged Elm.

Thanks Chuck! Good to know.

Corky bark is actually a feature of liquidambar.

Good to know. I haven’t seen it on the mature landscape trees I’ve observed but I’ll look closer now. Live & Learn! Thanks

Does anyone understand the behavior of this corky bark? For example, some new branches that sprouted last year already show this bark formation (like in the original picture) whilst some older branches dont show it at all. I have more bark on some of the youngest branches then the trunk…

Weird but probably there is an explanation…