Limber pine browning new growth

Have a limber pine that was potted from collected container into a ceramic over the winter. It’s been a really warm spring/early summer for Green Bay.
A few of the new needles are starting to brown at the tips and move back like they’re turning off already. Overwatering? Something else? I’m gonna chop stick it for the remainder of the year to be sure but it’s got me concerned. I’ve likely been overwatering, but any tips to even it out are greatly appreciated.


It seems root related.
Probably to much water, try tipping the container to get a better water/oxygen balance.


Io ho un problema sugli aghi nuovi di un mio pinus thunbergii che sono gialli. Può essere troppa umidità o mancanza di qualche elemento?

The roots may be a bit wet or it may be sort of magnesium, iron, or calcium. If your water pH is above 8 it can make it hard for the plant to absorb those nutrients.

Le radici possono essere un po 'bagnate o possono essere una sorta di magnesio, ferro o calcio. Se il pH dell’acqua è superiore a 8, può rendere difficile per la pianta assorbire tali sostanze nutritive.


Ok grazie mille per la risposta!

Ok, thank you very much for your reply
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Il mio pinus thunbergii corticosa ha le punte dei nuovi aghi gialle e non so da cosa dipende. Forse troppa umidità nel terriccio oppure è una carenza di qualche microelemento?

It seems like being way more aware of water (even moving it out of the rain in addition to tipping the container) has slowed the degradation of new foliage.
Has anyone had an issue like this and watched the tree long term? I know I’ve occasionally (like once every 5 years) cut most of the new growth off of a ponderosa when it got WAY out of hand and didn’t see any really negative effects. Just wondering if the limber will have the strength to rely on last years foliar mass if this years is a 50% loss? Thanks for the help.