Laurel Oak Forest to Clump Repot

Hello, hope you all find yourselves healthy and safe. I’m in Zone 9b, temps in the high 80’s. Is it too late to repot laurel oak forest into clump style?

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Are the buds pushing yet?

It’s already put out it’s spring flush

Where is laurel oak native to?

The US South I believe.

I’m not too familiar with the species, but generally speaking if the first flush is out, it’s a little too late to do heavy root work.

I wasn’t planning to cut very many at all. Simply tie the trunks together with wire and rubber tube and plant into a pond basket.

With minimal root work on what I presume are some fairly young trees what have you got to lose? Other than a year of development as a clump that is.

Not familiar with laurel oak, but I have done root trim and spread of trident maple 2-0 seedlings in full leaf when they arrived late with great success.