Large mystery juniper

This is by far my largest piece of material. The previous owner was not sure of the variety but speculated that it was possibly a parsons juniper which I believe may be the case as well. At any rate, I got this tree due to it’s size and large base, a few weeks ago while trying to clean off a jin I uncovered tons of rolling deadwood which I love, but unfortunately I have NO idea where to go with it. The foliage is not particularly nice and I’m not crazy about the color. Grafting seems like it would be a good option, but I don’t quite know where I would place grafts to be effective. Someone on another forum suggested that it should be in a penjing style as apposed to bonsai, but my main problem at the moment is that I can’t visualize how to improve the tree at all. As always any insight or suggestions are appreciated.


My first thought is to cut the straight trunk and the branch to the right back and jin them. Use everything else to create a more compact tree. However, other views or seeing it in person may lead to different ideas.

That straight trunk could be a fun way to experiment with some raffia


Take some trunk splitters to main truck and add a bend or two. This is really nice!

Split along the branch, wrap with raffia or electrical tape (red/brown, not black). Then apply wire twist and bend to fit the desired curve in trunk line. Thin foilage and enjoy. I’m not good with phone art, but here it goes.



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