Lace Bark Pine Pinus Bungeana

Does anyone know if Lace bark pine, Pinus Bungeana a single or multi flush Pine? I’m guessing single flush but not sure


Hi Tom,

Unfortunately I can’t answer your question, but I do have a Lacebark Pine from the nursery that I’m turning into a bonsai. I’ve had it for 2 years and tried to see how it reacts to pruning. When pruned mid year, it pushed new growth (a lot of it), like 3 buds at the cut site that same year, and 3…4 buds grew out to an inch that same year. They come out at funky 90 degree angles to the branch, it’s a bit odd.

The plant from the nursery was intended to be a landscape plant but it’s a beautiful 2+ inch dia trunk with some movement. I’m planning to do heavy pruning this January for initial structure. Without repotting for now. That will leave larger branch wounds on the trunk but we will see. May leave some as deadwood.

I thought about air layering some areas.

Can you share more about your lacebark pine history and progression? Let’s stay in touch and exchange experience with this species!

I’m in the San Francisco bay area, for climate reference.

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