Kyozen Watering wand

Does anyone know how to connect this watering wand to US hoses



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Supposedly they just taper down and you shove them in a non-threaded portion of hose.

Maybe use a hose clamp to keep it secure.


Our UK system may be slightly different but as said I just slipped a short length of hose over with a male/female connector on the other end. Allows quick change for my other lances and feed mixer.


If you have a look at the kaneshin video on the product yo can see the actual clamp just at the base of his his palm. I would tend to use the wire based ones with the integrated turning knot as these do not produce sharp edges protruding (like the ones with the ribbed flat Natelanbieter strip)

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You can cut off the end of any US garden hose and shove the tapered end into the hose. Works great!


thanks i see now, how did you get yours that short or is the hose just extended all the way near the opening?

On the non-pictured side of the hose, I used a box cutter and made a long straight cut in the hose in order to remove my old watering wand/nozzle. This is what allowed me to shove this watering wand so far down into the hose.

I’ve used a few watering nozzles including Masakuni, Kyozen-made by Kaneshin, Dramm and Kirara. The Kyozen is really nice for smaller gardens-it’s really well made, but doesn’t doesn’t put out that much water at one time. For price, i’d recommend the Dramm they are very inexpensive and put out a lot of soft water. If you want to get super fancy, I think the Kirara-pictured above is my favorite-high quality, made of copper and puts out a crazy amount of water while still extremely soft.