JWP Season change

Hi! I’m from Buenos Aires and I’m travelling in March to Italy and I’m planning to buy a JWP there and bring it here. It will be winter and almost spring there, and it will be almost fall here…
What should I do to be safe of the season change? I brought staff from Italy before, Itoigawas, JBP, and some deciduous. but never a JWP!
What I can imagine it will happen is that once here, the fall will be like a spring for it. so buds will open, but 3-4 months later the cold will come and the new leaves won’t be mature enough to resist (I’m not 100% sure about that, because we don’t really have cold winters… usually 5ºC is the least.) I would imagine that I should let it in a greenhouse, right? but then spring will come and what will happen with the tree? open buds again? when will the tree rest?
I know that people does these kind of things, it is just that i don’t know how to do it right.