Junipers problem after repotting


I have a problem with 2 of my junipers. Both were repotted this spring, in march. It looked ok but now i started becoming yellow. They shouldnt be overwatered, they have sun from 6am till 2-3pm, Central Europe. I think it is a problem with too big cutting of roots and they are not able to keep foliage. What do you think? What should i do ?

Hello, I am by no means an expert. For what it is worth, I would move to shade, remove the fertilzer until you see the tree growing again and mist the foliage regularly. Good luck!

Thank you for your response, im not sure about placing it into the shadow, it needs sun to gain energy, but also need higher humidity to improve roots…

What about cutting some of the foliage?

You need the foliage to drive root growth. Keep it in moderate shade so the tree is photosynthesizing, but not so much that it is putting a strain on the roots to supply enough water to the foliage. The goal is to strike the balance where the roots can supply enough water while the foliage is supplying enough sugar and starch to drive more root growth.

Remove the fertilizer
Add morning sun and afternoon shade as the light
And if you have $30, a clean garden sprayer and the trees are worth it to you buy some Eden Blue Gold FX or FXi and see if they can be saved.

AKA Eden base with silica the i stands for iodine