Juniper yellowing

Hi guys can i get some help with some of my juniperus virginiana. They are still growing and back budding with new growth. But are still yellowing and dieing back inside. They are in full sun. I keep an eye on my watering when the top 2 inch is dry i water. I live in Australia Queensland. We are in summer now

Hi, I’d seen this has been up a minute so wanted to help out. It would be useful to know more about the culture conditions to look into this further but a good starting point would be :

For a disease, my first guess would be Cercospora sequoiae var. juniperi which is a fungal infection that presents in this manner - internal and lower growth affected that spreads outwards as the infection progresses. I’m not sure about the distribution in Oz, but if it is an imported specimen, it could be feasible that it has been brought with it. J. virginia is a susceptible species.

Cercospora loooves heat and high humidity. If you have these conditions and are misting/watering the foliage then there is a good possibility it could be this. Other ID would be presence black pustules on the browned foliage (you’ll need a hand lense). Up to you how to deal with it, fungal treatments exist, as do biologicals such as Bacillus subtilis but bear in mind that when conditions cool and humidity drops, the spread will stop. Good culture conditions can help from therein.

Also of course, spider mites present in this manner as well, Ryan has made a video on that:

That would be easy to id in that case.

Or it could be leaf drop of the lowest contributing foliage due to stress in the culture conditions at some point.

It is a plant, it can’t talk, so your best bet is to proceed through a process of elimination.