Juniper whips uk

do anybody know where i can get juniper whips from inside Europe?

Hi @albie
What do you want the whips for? Juniper usually takes well from cuttings or air layer. Plan B could be to make your own.

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its for a rock planting, i wanted to try and just speed things up.
thank you

Best thing is to take cuttings when you are cutting back, it all about what are you trying to acheive. If you use your own cuttings you know that the foliage will be the same.

Things take time and planning, and all the more sattifying when it works.

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You could try Ken at Windybank Bonsai if near London, he sometimes has them. Failing that there is a large UK show in a few weeks at Heathrow with over 30 traders. May be worth a try there.

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