Juan Andrade - Slandered & Pushed out of Florida! Help Support Him!

Since I think this is the only miscellaneous section, I’ll post it here. I’m not on Facebook that often, but I happened to be on it yesterday and read some terrible terrible news about Juan Andrade. There was a SMALL contingent of people who have pushed Juan and his fiance out of Florida and have moved back to Costa Rica. I thoroughly enjoyed his Live Stream on BonsaiMirai and the Podcast. This is a sad time for the Global Bonsai Community. I hope that we Bonsai Mirai members can support Juan!

If you have a facebook account and feel compelled, I encourage you to leave a kind comment on ABS post below.

Here are some posts that summarize what happened:

John bringing light to what happened:

Juan saying his goodbye. If you’re not his FB friend, you cannot see this post.Juan%202

American Bonsai Society’s statement about the situation:

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Thx, didn’t see that thread.

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No problem! :smiley:

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This whole thing is so disheartening. I am an active member of r/Bonsai over on Reddit, and it even crept in to there and cause some issues. So much that one of the mods stepped down and left the community. I have been involved with bonsai for about nine months, and it has been such a joyous thing for me that has brought a serious balance to my life. Now these awful things have crept into such a beautiful thing. It’s shameful to see happen. It also breaks my heart to see someone I have admired greatly be possibly involved in the wrong side of this.

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