Japanese White Pine Question

Hey everyone. As can be seen from the photo I have these little growths on the candles that I didn’t seem to have last year, or didn’t notice them at least. It’s not on every candle and some have more on than others.

Is it anything to be concerned about or anything I may have done.

Thank you in advance.


Don’t own any jwp myself but to me they look like pine cones?
Here’s a video by tony thickle about flowers on jwp.


Thank you for that link Alex. It does look as though they could be pine cones on my tree as well then.

The yellow oval bits in groups are male pollen flowers. The single reddish bit on the top of a candle are the female cones.


Thank you for the clarification @DavidJ.

Can I just remove them as in the link that Alex kindly supplied.

I remove the little red cone flowers when they appear. As for the male flowers, as there are so many of them with the added risk of damaging the candle underneath, I leave the male flowers. I believe Ryan also said that he leaves the male flowers. You might find the reference in a Q&A.


Male flowers. If your tree ist in development remove them as in the link above as they consume energy from the tree. If your tree is finished leave them and the developing cones - nice addition to a mature bonsai :smiley:


Thanks for the replies @DavidJ & @Jurgen.

My tree is definitely in the development stage. It needs a good thinning out, complete wiring and a an initial style as can be seen in the photo.

So is it better to remove them and if so are they easy to remove.

Many thanks in advance guys

Needs alot of work that pine does.

Have you got any design ideas?

Yeah it does need a lot of work hence me signing up to Mirai but all our trees have to start somewhere.

As for design ideas I’m not sure as of yet

I don’t remove either cones or polen structures. In my Jack pine the cones open and close all the time and it is nice to see it. As for the polen it bursts eventually with wind or watering and later falls, not a big deal, I don’t think it impacts the health and in my view enhances the aesthetics of a healthy tree (which your is if it is producing cones and polen) and it is less work for you.


Hey folks in the stream. I was calling the male pollen cones “flowers” but are pollen cones. Also, this professional recommended against taking off the male pollen cones due to possible damage to the candle.

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