Japanese White Pine - Greyish needles, normal?

Hello fellow bonsai enthusiasts!

I recently got my first Japanese white pine, after some research i noticed that one indicator for spider mites is that the needles turn greyish. I checked my needles and actually all needles have a greyish color on one side.
It looks like this:

Do i need to worry about spider mites? If not, how does this “grey” color is different from the grey color that come from spider mites?

Please help!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

White pines have a strip of white along one side of the needle. That is normal.

Thanks, thats what i already thought, just seeking for confirmation. Thanks!
So if the green turns grey, it can be a sign of spider mite, correct?

You may want to watch Ryans pine videos. Especially spring and fall bud / candle maintenance.

Thanks! Going to watch it now :slight_smile: